Hello world!

Hello world! 

I started blogging back when I was a Master’s of Applied Statistics student making my way through some very heavy journal articles. It always took me a while to work my way through journal articles as I often found myself wanting to semi-prove all the results in a paper for myself. Having “wasted” an obscene amount of paper and time working these things out, I decided that I would attempt to translate these scribbles into complete notes… and so, Statisticelle was born!

Another big part of my learning process is applying what I’m reading or deriving to an actual data set. Having based my Master’s degree on clinical trial research and now working in industry, I don’t think that I can actually use/discuss the data relevant to my past research or career without breaking a few laws. However, I think this blog presents itself as a great opportunity to delve into the massive collections of open data now available. I’m going to make an effort to provide references to these data sets and any R code I used – even if no one uses it, I’m hoping that putting it out in the open will encourage me to be a more diligent statistician!

It’s been a while since I’ve written any blog posts but I’ve recently found myself staring at my statistics bookshelf, thinking that I really miss delving into new topics and working my way through all the messy bits. I’m not sure that anyone will really read this but on the off-chance that they do, I hope these blog posts are helpful and not a collection of misinformation! I am trying to understand these topics in a way that makes sense to me and I can only hope that I am doing so correctly. If you do find any errors, do not hesitate to let me know.

Anyways, that’s my mission statement in so many words. Part 2 – lets see how this turns out!

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Emma Davies Smith

Emma Davies Smith is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health. Her current research interests include clinical trial methodology, nonparametric methods, missing data, data visualization, and communication. When she's not working on expanding her knowledge of statistics, she's busy petting cats and unsuccessfully convincing her husband to let her adopt them, hiking, and concocting indie and folk rock playlists.

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  1. It’s great to know your depth of statistical knowledge. Very impressive. Looking forward to more blog posts!

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